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What makes HBS unique?

We are a slim but very experienced team. We love, what we do. Lean structures means fair prices. For us, our guests, our employees, their families, etc. We are always engaged in charitable work: the earnings at the end of the year are reinvested.
E.g. for paying our staff in training (English course, trekking guide course, expedition course, rescue course), re-invested in families (2018: buffalo cow bought with calf), clothes (so far: 150kg clothes distributed in Nepal and sent to Nepal), colored pencils (so far: approx. 2500 pcs) in give away to schools and villages.
If you travel with us, you are doing something good for yourself and for the region.

You've posted some of the 7 Summits and 8000m mountains. What about other peaks?

These can be booked with us at any time, even if they have not been explicitly published. Thanks to our strong network, it is possible to invite every guest to an expedition at any time, even if we do not lead them with our own group. For every guest we find the right place!

Some prices are in USD, some in Euro's, why?

Our prices are based on the approaches of our partners abroad. There are always euro or dollar indicated as currency. If you now want to book certain services in addition (for example: city tour), these prices are in euros or dollars to be paid locally. Therefore, we do not enter a conversion into CHF or any other currency, but leave it in that currency. So you have the guarantee that the prices are correct and no flaws exist.

Why should I book with HBS and not any other agency?

There are various providers in the Swiss or European market, each has its own strengths. Most of these providers are very large and thus rather inflexible – rigid programs are almost invariably unchangeable. Höhenbergsteigen consists of a small team that knows each customer personally and looks after each one individually. Since we are only in small groups (no groups of 12 and such stories …), we can respond to every customer, adjust the program and are always up to date, as it is on a journey to health, wishes and needs of our guests. Our experience shows that we and our customers are much happier in small groups because we remain so flexible. The chances to reach the summit or success of trekking does not diminish this in any way – on the contrary! Whoever prefers a small organization with space for each individual, is exactly right with us. If you are looking for a tour with quite a lot of participants (which are rarely cheaper), we have the wrong place. We offer very good service and also, in case of an unforseen event such as rescue, accident etc, you can be sure to have very talented and skilled staff members at your side.

Why are there no international plane costs included in any trip?

The airlines are constantly changing tariffs based on supply and demand. If we wanted to keep the airfares accurate and fair to our guests, it seems impossible to us. Those constant ups and downs we are all exposed to, but to always keep it up to date, we are constantly busy to change the prices. This means high administration costs – this ultimately pays the guest. But today it is possible for each guest practically without much effort or know-how to book the most appropriate and cheapest flight for him. Our guests appreciate the possibility that they are free. Of course, if a guest wishes that we do take care of the international flights, we will do so.

I would like to book a certain trip, trekking, expedition or mountain which is not offered on here. What to do?

Get in touch with us and we make sure that, together with our partners, we will find the perfect trip for you. We keep many great ideas and hidden trails in our portfolio. But we do not like to show them publicly.

Ich möchte gerne eine Reise ein bisschen anders haben als sie publiziert ist. Ist das möglich?

Ja, problemlos. Nehmen Sie mit uns Kontakt auf und teilen Sie uns Ihr Anliegen mit. Wir suchen dann gemeinsam nach einer für Sie passenden Lösung.

Ich möchte gerne auf eine Trekkingreise, weiss aber nicht, ob ich dies wirklich schaffe und ob das was für mich ist.

Kein Problem. Gerne besprechen wir dies gemeinsam und helfen dir bei der Entscheidungsfindung.

Wie stellt ihr sicher, ob jemand wirklich über genügend Erfahrung und Können für Expedition verfügt?

Wer mit uns auf eine Expedition will, wird bei Bedarf vorgängig zu einem Treffen in den Bergen eingeladen (Die dabei entstehenden Kosten sind im hier publizierten Preis in der Regel nicht inbegriffen). Dieses Treffen dauert normalerweise zwei Tage (Wochenende) und es werden dort alle Teilnehmer zusammengeführt. Wir unternehmen Touren und schauen dabei, welche Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse vorhanden sind und geben weitere Tipps und Hilfestellungen (z.B. was wie noch zu verbessern ist bis zur Expedition) ab, damit die Expedition sicher und möglicht erfolgreich abläuft.

Kann man auch Material mieten?

Ja. Es ist möglich, gewisses Material bei uns oder unseren Partnern zu mieten. Gerne sind wir dir dabei behilflich.

Wie viel im Voraus sollte ich mich definitiv anmelden?

Mindestens 8 Wochen vorher, besser 12 oder gar 4-6 Monate. So können wir auch rechtzeitig das Visum einholen, alles besprechen, Materiallisten rausgeben und allf. Anschaffungen machen.

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